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Sabbath School Songs

My name is Michelle and I started teaching Beginner (Cradleroll) Sabbath School last year. The biggest hurdle has been learning the songs–they aren’t the same ones from my childhood. I don’t have immediate access to the Accompaniment Music CDs for Little Voices Praise Him (Beginner/Kindergarten Songbook), the classroom is too small for a piano and the individual songs are not available to download anywhere. iTunes would be SO convenient–who plays CD’s anymore?

I am fortunate to have access to the songbook, and while I read music, things go south if you don’t hit the right note from the beginning, and sometimes I am way off by the end of the song. It wouldn’t be so bad if I knew the tune or the words, but when I don’t know either, it’s very frustrating. I believe singing these songs that are built into the lesson plan are important. Everything I know stems from childhood songs, seemingly. HA 😉

So, with this said, despite the fact that I haven’t played in about 27 years, I decided to find an app on my tablet (PianistHD), bang out the tune, record and play back in class. The songs are in no way perfect as I don’t remember the names of notes and am rusty on the timing, but the songs I’ve uploaded below will hopefully still be helpful to you.

These are MIDI files that can be converted to other formats, like MP3, through a variety of free programs online.

Lesson 1: Year B, 1st Quarter, Little Jesus the Happy Helper


If you have a SPECIAL REQUEST, please email me. I’ll try and record the song if I can play it—some are too hard for me. 😉

EXTRAS (Props)

Props I’ve made for printing: